How the Pelvictrainer® functions

BekkenbodemspierExecercise of the pelvic floor muscles
The pelvic floor is literally the floor, the bottom, of your pelvis. It is a muscle plate with three openings: the urinary tract, the vagina and the anus.

A weaker pelvic floor leads to undesirable loss of urine (incontinence), lower back problems (back pain), pelvic symptoms (instability), depression and sexual dysfunction.

ModelBe in control of your pelvic floor
Many women suffer from a weaker pelvic floor. Due to pregnancy, but also due to passively hanging down while sitting or standing. Therefore, try to sit up straigth and to stand with an active hollow back.

Another cause is lack of exercise. For muscles the principle 'use it or loose it!' applies. When you do little exercise your muscle mass, muscle strength and muscle control will reduce. This reduces your load capacity and energy and enhances the aging process. Incontinency problems are very common in the population of women over 50. Therefore, try to exercise on a regular basis to create sufficient muscle mass in time.

Positive effects of pelvic floor training
By daily training the pelvic floor you will experience the following positive effects:
  • No undesirable loss of urine when laughing, coughing or jumping. The base tension of the pelvic floor muscle will increase resulting in a better closed urinary tract;
  • A better sex life: an orgasm is created by rhythmic contractions of the pelvic floor muscles. The higher the tension of the pelvic floor muscles the more intense the orgasm. Controlled rhythmic contractions during intercourse intensify the sexual pleasure of both partners;
  • Erectile dysfunction can be remedied when the pelvic floor muscle is strong enough to increase the blood pressure in the penis;
  • Less back and pelvic complaints: the pelvic floor muscles form together with the abdominal muscles and back muscles a corset around the pelvis and lower back. By training the pelvic floor that corset will strengthen resulting in better core stability;
  • Excellent control of the pelvic floor will make you enjoy life again by being able to laugh, to lift, to work, to have sex and to sport: enjoy these without even thinking.

Pelvictrainer gebruikerPelvictrainer®
The Pelvictrainer® provides the ability to measure your training activity by using a biofeedback system.

You can imagine that when you tension your pelvic floor muscles your seat bones tend to move towards each other. As a result the space between the buttocks reduces thus creating a certain pressure. The Pelvictrainer® can measure this pressure and show it onto the display.

This pressure should not decrease when tensioning the abdominal muscles (e.g. when laughing, coughing or lifting) else it causes problems.

When you manage to prevent the stretching of your muscles, you have an excellent control over your pelvic floor. This is exactly your goal: excellent control over your pelvic floor.

So you can live again: laughing, lifting, working, making love, doing sports; in short: enjoying life without thinking.

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