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About the Pelvictrainer®

The Pelvictrainer® is a medical device which is specifically developed and designed for power and coordination improvement of the pelvic floor muscles and for the treatment of functional disturbances of the pelvic floor.

The Pelvictrainer® is intended for the treatment of:
  • Lower back problems;
  • Pelvic instability and pain;
  • Urinary incontinence when laughing, coughing or jumping;
  • Sexual dysfunction (such as erectile dysfunction, impotence, vaginismus).

The Pelvictrainer® can be used by children, women and men, with clothing on, at home, in the gym, at the physiotherapist or in a medical center.

Improve your life with the Pelvictrainer®

Training, relaxation and strengthening of the pelvic floor muscle improves your life. The Pelvictrainer® can be used by (young) mothers, diabetics, obese patients, those with (lower) back problems and people over 50 years suffering with, for example, erectile dysfunction or incontinence.

Almost more than 20 percent of the world's population suffers from complaints in the field of incontinence (approx. 50% of women over 50 years, about 35% of men above 50 years). Around 15% of the population has erection problems.

The Pelvictrainer® offers the opportunity to exercise the pelvic floor muscles, to learn to relax and strengthen them, in order to cure or to significantly reduce the symptoms.

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Measure your performance with Medicalbench®

When exercising your pelvic floor muscle with the Pelvictrainer® the results are measured and displayed by our innovative and intuitive software Medicalbench®. Options for training the pelvis and pelvic floor:

  • Strength;
  • Endurance;
  • Speed;
  • Relaxation.

Connection with Medicalbench® makes it possible to perform trend analyses.

Exercise with the Pelvictrainer®

Watch this video for an impression of the Pelvictrainer®.