Biofeedback Pelvictrainer

Pelvictrainer Testing
Test, determine starting point

Every patient has its own pelvic floor characteristic, based on strength and control.

For a correct zero provision the pelvic floor muscles are tested three times by contracting and relaxing them.

Sit still and upright, breath in a relaxed way.

Don't use the belly or breathing to enforce extra pressure on the pelvic floor.

Pelvictrainer Training Basic

Open exercises

The training program is free formatted:
-    feel free to exercise your own patterns
-    follow the instructions of therapist like
     - change muscle contraction stepwise
     - stay long on low contraction (endurance)
     - combinations of exercises   

Workout focused on:
-    Personal performance and weaknesses in:
     - Strength
     - Coordination
     - Endurance

Pelvictrainer Training Basic

Basic exercises

The training program has four components:
-    Concentric (contract)
-    Isometric (keep contracted)
-    Eccentric (relax)
-    Relaxation (keep relaxed)

Workout focused on:
-    Strength
-    Coordination

Pelvictrainer Advanced training
Rapid power exercises

The training program has five components:
-    Concentric (contract)
-    Isometric (keep contracted)
-    Eccentric (relax)
-    Relaxation (keep relaxed)
-    Speed (rapid contraction and relaxation)

Workout focused on:
-    Coordination
-    Timing (speed)

Pelvictrainer Reporting

The overview shows for each run the performance by category, based on:
-    Strength (deviation from target value)
-    Coordination (variation from target value)

Per component the course of the runs is presented.

In case the training is done as a registered client, graphics of the trend over all trainings are shown.

Pelvictrainer Reporting
Progress training

In case you training is personlized (patient logs in) then training results are stored. You can review all results individual or make a trend report.

A trend report shows the performance over all training sessions.

You can:
-    zoom in per phase
-    make a print out
-    store performance overview in a PDF file.

Biofeedback with Medicalbench®

Pelvictrainer screenshot 5
Compare progress to other patients, worldwide, real-time

The course of the exercises of a patient can be studied by the doctor/practitioner within the context of his/her illness and treatment. The results can be compared with other patients with similar profile.

To enable this, the Medicalbench® software is fully integrated with the Pelvictrainer® application.

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Technical specifications
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